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Student Handbook

Academic Resources

All Moravian students will work closely with an academic advisor who can provide support, feedback, and advice as they work toward academic, professional, and personal goals. All students are assigned an advisor when they begin their studies, but most students will change advisors when they declare a major. Advisors can and will help with course sequence planning, but they should also be a resource for students for a variety of academic and professional career planning needs.

Academic Advising staff work closely with faculty advisors across departments and schools to help meet the needs of students in all phases of University life but also work closely with staff in related offices to help students onboard, progress, and graduate.

Academic support of various kinds is available to all Moravian students who are experiencing academic difficulty or who want to maximize their academic performance. Through individual and group programming, students are given opportunities to enhance the skills necessary for student success - from mastering course content to post-graduate planning.

The Center for Academic Excellence staff, both professional and peer, work closely with students, faculty as instructors, and staff in related offices.

The primary purpose of the Office of Disability and Accommodations (ODA) is to work with students to identify and remove possible barriers to their education. The ODA provides accommodations according to ADA law while also offering support and guidance in foundational skills such as communication skills and self-advocacy.

Faculty members are encouraged to refer those students who are having particularly difficulty in class to Academic Support through an alert in Navigate. Options for support might include tutoring support, facilitating connections with the instructor, study skill or time management instruction, goal-setting, referral to relevant offices for support, and/or developing a plan for ongoing support. The student's academic advisor will have access to any such plans/supports that may prove helpful in supporting the progress of the student.

Students who disclose a disability (either temporary or permanent) that could be impacting their coursework should be referred to the Office of Disability and Accommodations. In addition to ensuring appropriate accommodations for disabilities, the Office of Disability and Accommodations can provide individual coaching and support to help students understand how to navigate the University experience given the student's particular strengths and abilities.

Faculty issue midterm grades at the midpoint of each fall and spring semester. The midterm grade is intended to provide students with an indication of their overall performance in the class. Grades of S (Satisfactory), U (Unsatisfactory), or F (Failing) may be issued. Students should consult with individual course faculty for more information about the midterm grade and to discuss strategies for improvement, if needed.

Located at the heart of North campus, Reeves Library provides resources, research assistance, and space for group work or quiet study. All Moravian students have access to online and print resources in support of their research. Additionally, access to library materials nationally and internationally is available through interlibrary loan. Reference librarians are available in person or remotely for one-on-one assistance.

The Writing Center is a free tutoring service staffed by Moravian students and directed by a faculty member. Students may bring writing of any type, including research papers, essay assignments, and letters of application. The writing may be at any stage of development, from rough notes to finished drafts. The center's tutors work closely with students to help them recognize their strengths as writers, diagnose mechanical and grammatical problems, and improve skills. The center is equipped with computers for students who prefer to be tutored using electronic versions of their work. A collection of handbooks, rhetorics, and other writing reference works is available for study and browsing. Hours of operation are posted on the door of the Writing Center on the second floor of Zinzendorf Hall. The staff will accommodate walk-ins if possible, but appointments are recommended. Call 610 861-1592 for more information or to arrange to meet in an accessible location.