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Moravian College
Student Handbook

Student Clubs and Organizations

Moravian College offers a variety of clubs and opportunities to foster student engagement on campus. A club fair is held at the beginning of each semester, at which students may sign up to join more than 60 clubs and organizations. For more information about these, visit the College website at

Recognition and Operations

Students bring to the campus a variety of interests and develop many new ones as members of the College community. The College has established the following procedures by which full-time students may organize and join associations to promote their common interests and concerns.

All recognized clubs and organizations must embrace the values, mission, and philosophy of the College.

The membership, policies, and actions of recognized student organizations may be determined by the vote of members who are staff or students of the College.

Affiliation of a student organization with an off-campus organization will not of itself qualify or disqualify a student organization from College recognition.

Campus organizations are required to have at least one active advisor who is a full-time member of the faculty or administration, generally of their own choosing, or who has been hired by the College (with the appropriate vice president's approval) for the specific purpose of serving in this advising capacity. The advisors inform organizations of all matters pertaining to the group's operation and function, but they do not have unilateral control over policy, nor are they responsible for actions or omissions of the organization or its members. All campus organization advisors are asked to meet with the director of student involvement for individual or group training within the first term of their acceptance of this responsibility and periodically as deemed necessary thereafter.

Individuals without formal Moravian affiliation seeking to serve as secondary, off-campus advisors to student organizations are required to complete an application process with the relevant department of Student Affairs prior to beginning service. Service in such capacity is a privilege which shall be reevaluated annually or, should there be any circumstances of potential concern or conflict, at the most appropriate time.

Student organizations are required to submit a statement of purpose, criteria for membership, rules of procedure, and a roster of current officers and members, as well as other information deemed necessary by the College in the administration of policies, regulations, or procedures concerning the recognition of student organizations. All organizations other than social fraternities and sororities should submit such information to United Student Government; social fraternities and sororities should submit such information to the director of residence life and Greek life.

Recognized student organizations, including those affiliated with an off-campus organization, shall abide by all applicable federal, state, and local nondiscrimination laws in the establishment and administration of their membership policies and shall function in accordance with College policies, including, but not limited to, those pertaining to off-campus trips, event registration, and budget management. Recognition of student organizations by the College will be granted and maintained so long as the organization complies with College policies, regulations, and procedures concerning qualification. Approval of student organizations by United Student Government is recommended by the College.

Financial Management for Student Organizations

All recognized student clubs and organizations that have financial transactions must maintain an on-campus account with the College's Business Office. Financial accounts with off-campus institutions are not allowed. Organizations can request to have an on-campus financial account by submitting a form to United Student Government. Approved accounts are managed through the College's Business Office and will allow for student organizations to deposit and withdraw funds for their organization's activities. When working with an external vendor, clubs are required to submit an invoice and make a check payable directly to the vendor. Clubs are not permitted to withdraw cash to pay for vendor services (t-shirts, performers, etc.). Social fraternities and sororities should see the Financial Management for Greek Life section of the Student Handbook.