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Moravian College
Student Handbook

Programs and Events

The primary student programming organization on campus is Moravian Activities Council (MAC). Composed and run by students, MAC works with the director of student involvement to sponsor a variety of programs for the student body. MAC hosts a large variety of events, each designed to give students healthy social opportunities to be involved in our community. Some of these events are meant to create and maintain traditions that bring the entire Moravian community closer together, such as Fall Fest and Homecoming, while others are meant to provide something to do as a study break! Every week there are fun and different events with the opportunity to meet new people across campus or enjoy with your friends! MAC also helps in producing the major student event of the year (concert, speaker, comedian, etc.).

MAC provides an excellent opportunity to develop leadership skills and really get to know the campus community. Positions on MAC are elected at the end of each fall semester. For more information about events or positions, contact the MAC at Learn more at