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Student Handbook

United Student Government (USG)

One Body. One Family. One Mission.

United Student Government (USG) is an organization composed of 25 students who have been elected by the entire student body to perform passionate service to the Moravian University community. The organization is split into two categories of representation, the cabinet, which includes six representatives, and the general board, which includes nineteen representatives. Each representative is elected to serve a specific constituency and function of USG, and remain dedicated in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of their positions.

USG is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive campus community that values diversity, fosters personal and academic growth, and promotes student success. By putting the needs of students at the center of everything they do, USG is dedicated to creating a brighter future for all members of the Moravian University community.

Additionally, USG allocates budgets and other resources to many student clubs and organizations, as well as supports activities on campus. Groups seeking USG recognition and support should contact

United Student Government strives to represent the student body and the Moravian community by addressing campus needs, facilitating student-centered programs, maintaining tradition and serving as a liaison between students and administration. Get involved in student government by running in the annual fall elections or by attending a meeting. Learn more at