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Moravian College
Student Handbook

United Student Government (USG)

Mission: The United Student Government strives to create cohesion by providing advocacy and representation for the student body in particular, and the College community in general, and serves as the primary vehicle for the expression of the interests and concerns of the Moravian student body. The United Student Government also acts as the primary liaison between the student body and the faculty, staff, administration, alumni, and the larger College community.

Moravian's United Student Government (USG) is committed to providing undergraduates with many avenues through which their voices and viewpoints can be heard. USG is composed of twenty-one individuals in one governing body. The group consists of a President, Vice President, Club Ambassador, Public Relations Director, Treasurer and sixteen representatives. The President and Vice President run on a ticket together and are elected by the student body. The fifteen representatives are also elected by the student body. The Club Ambassador, Public Relations Director, Treasurer and Webmaster are all appointed by the President. Out of the fifteen representatives, a Parliamentarian, a Secretary and a Financial Administrator are elected from within. The organization meets weekly, and all full-time undergraduate students are encouraged to participate.

Additionally, USG allocates budgets and other resources to student-led clubs and organizations, as well as supports activities on campus. Groups seeking USG recognition and support should contact

United Student Government strives to represent the student body and the Moravian community by addressing campus needs, facilitating student-centered programs, maintaining tradition and serving as a liaison between students and administration. Get involved in student government by running in the annual fall elections. Learn more at