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Employee Disability Accommodation Policy

Moravian University complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as amended by the ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA), the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act (PHRA), and all applicable local fair employment practices laws, and is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to qualified individuals with disabilities. Consistent with this commitment, the University will provide a reasonable accommodation to disabled applicants and employees if the reasonable accommodation would allow the individual to perform the essential functions of the job, unless doing so would create an undue hardship.

Requesting a Reasonable Accommodation

If you believe you need an accommodation because of your disability, you are responsible for requesting a reasonable accommodation from the Office of Human Resources. Requests for accommodation should include, at minimum, a description of the accommodation you are requesting, the reason you need an accommodation, and how the accommodation will help you perform the essential functions of your job. 

Most Moravian University employees are routinely exposed to indoor conditions, minimum outdoor weather and temperature extremes, and moderate noise level. Your specific job description also lists any essential functions that go beyond the standard list of physical demands applicable to most employees at the institution. 

The University encourages employees to submit their request using the online Employee Accommodation Request Form. Requests may also be made orally (in person or by phone) or in writing (by email or mail):

Human Resources
Moravian University
1200 Main Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018

310 Colonial Hall

After receiving your oral or written request, Moravian University will engage in an interactive dialogue with you to determine the precise limitations of your disability and explore potential reasonable accommodations that could overcome those limitations. We encourage you to suggest specific reasonable accommodations that you believe would allow you to perform your job. However, the University is not required to make the specific accommodation requested by you and may provide an alternative, effective accommodation, to the extent any reasonable accommodation can be made without imposing an undue hardship on the institution.

Medical Information

If your disability or need for accommodation is not obvious, Moravian University may ask you to provide supporting documents showing that you have a disability within the meaning of the ADA and applicable state or local laws, and that your disability necessitates a reasonable accommodation. If the information provided in response to this request is insufficient, the University may require that you see a healthcare professional of the institution’s choosing and expense. In those cases, if you fail to provide the requested information or see the designated healthcare professional, your request for reasonable accommodation may be denied.

Moravian University will keep confidential any medical information obtained in connection with your request for a reasonable accommodation.


Moravian University makes determinations about reasonable accommodations on a case-by-case basis considering various factors and based on an individualized assessment in each situation. The factors considered may include, but are not limited to, the essential job functions for the position, the limitations imposed by the individual’s disability, the accommodations requested by the individual or recommended by the individual’s healthcare provider, and whether the accommodations create an undue hardship for the University or pose a direct threat to the safety of the individual or others at the University.

Moravian University strives to make determinations on reasonable accommodation requests expeditiously, and will inform the individual once a determination has been made. If you have any questions about a reasonable accommodation request you made, please contact the Director of Human Resources/designee and/or the Dean for Compliance, Training and Development.

No Retaliation

Moravian University expressly prohibits any form of discipline, reprisal, intimidation, or retaliation against any individual for requesting an accommodation in good faith. The institution is committed to enforcing this policy, however, the effectiveness of our efforts depends largely on individuals telling us about inappropriate workplace conduct. If employees or applicants feel that they or someone else may have been subjected to conduct that violates this policy, they should report it immediately to the Director of Human Resources and/or Dean for Compliance, Training and Development. If employees do not report retaliatory conduct, the University may not otherwise become aware of a possible violation of this policy and may not be able to take appropriate corrective action.

Administration of This Policy

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for the administration of this policy. If you have any questions regarding this policy or questions about disability accommodations that are not addressed in this policy, please contact Human Resources at and/or Compliance, Training and Development at

This plan was reviewed and approved by the Moravian University Council on November 1, 2022.