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Helping Hounds Program

When you first started working at Moravian University, did you ever wish you had someone to answer all those questions you had? “Where do the students eat lunch?,” “What is PPHAC?,” “How do I send mail from one office to another?” Sometimes it’s nice to have a friendly face, who also happens to be a Moravian expert, to ask about these things! 

Now you can be that friendly face! Help new hires settle in and get familiar with the campus by participating in our Helping Hounds program. This is a little different than being a manager or mentor—instead, you’ll be a peer, ready to share some great advice.  

Signing up is easy! If you think you meet the qualifications, reach out to your Supervisor,  Department Chair, or VP to let them know you are interested! The Supervisor, Department Chair, or VP will then need to fill out this form to sign you up!

Recommend a Helping Hound

Being a Helping Hound

Helping Hounds are expected to keep in touch with their new hire for the first 90 days of employment, but we encourage the pair to stay connected throughout their time here at Moravian University. Our program has only one requirement—that you greet the new employee on their first day of work. The rest is up to you! Here are some activities that you could customize the experience with:

  •  Email a welcome message to your new hire
  • Take them out to lunch during their first week
  • Take a 15-minute coffee break at DeLights
  • Send a check-in email to see how things are going
  • Talk to them about Moravian/Bethlehem history
  • Walk downtown during lunch and share your favorite restaurants and tips
  • Invite them to campus activities like sporting events and volunteer opportunities

Remember, the role of the Helping Hound is not to be a manager or mentor. Every new hire is different and celebrating those differences is what makes working at Moravian University great! Not every new hire will like coffee or want to participate in a fitness class. Get to know what your new hire likes and help them feel comfortable and enjoy their experience as an employee of Moravian University!

We are trusting in you to provide guidance and positive support to the new hire wherever and whenever you are able. Please know that HR is always here for support along the way!

Becoming a Helping Hound

So are you interested in participating? Reach out to your Supervisor or Department Chair and the appropriate VP to let them know you’re interested. They'll need to fill out the Helping Hounds Sign Up Form on your behalf. Once approved, you will be added to our list of helping hounds! 

Selection Process

Your Supervisor or Department Chair and VP will approve helping hound program participants based on: 

  • Employment length (at least 2 years is ideal)
  • Accessibility (are they able to set aside time to provide support to the new hire)
  • Leadership qualities
  • Strong performance
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Positive work relationships
  • Positive outlook on Moravian students, staff, faculty, and community
  • A commitment to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion on campus 

HR will select a helping hound based on the new hire’s department. Ideally, we’ll pair a new hire with someone who works in a separate department. And don’t worry—we’ll only give you one new hire within a 90-day period. 

Employee Benefits

A.K.A. What’s in it for you? Well, aside from being recognized by your department and the University as a strong performer, you’ll have the ability to meet new employees, interact with different departments, and help people!