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Shawn Fliszar ’18 MSAT, LAT, ATC


For Shawn Fliszar, there’s no better career to combine his two passions—sports and helping people—than athletic training. Earning his MSAT at Moravian University prepared him with leading-edge resources and immersive clinical experiences so he could go from graduation to his dream job.

“Phenomenal faculty” and a “highly rigorous curriculum” equipped Fliszar with the essential foundational skills, he says, while numerous clinical experiences put them into practice.

“I think the six immersive clinical experiences we had truly helped me to understand the life of an athletic trainer and pick up on the little things that aren’t necessarily taught in the classroom, such as communication with different populations and how to manage time and different situations properly,” Fliszar says.

His favorite part of the MSAT program was the opportunity to travel for clinicals and dive in full time, “which acts almost as a ‘tryout’ for potential employers,” he says. That’s how Fliszar was able to launch his career this September as Head Athletic Trainer for the Norfolk Admirals professional ice hockey team in Norfolk, VA.

“It’s a great feeling to know you’re helping someone to continue to chase their dreams.”

Fliszar will oversee the daily medical needs of the team with a focus on injury prevention, emergency care, injury and illness evaluation, and rehabilitation. A long-time fan of the Philadelphia Flyers, Fliszar aspires to one day provide healthcare for a team in the NHL and eventually support Team USA’s ice hockey team at the international level.

As he lays the groundwork for a long and successful career in athletic training Fliszar is discovering the satisfaction that comes with being part of the Admirals team and supporting its players.

“The best part is when you’re working with someone to either help them work through an injury or come back from an injury and game day comes around and they’re out there playing at one hundred percent,” he says. “It’s a great feeling to know you’re helping someone to continue to chase their dreams.”