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Student and Alumni Publications

Original Research

Critically Appraised Topics (CATs)

  • Wise SL, Bettleyon J. Neurodynamics is as effective as splinting for carpal tunnel syndrome: A critically appraised topic. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. 2022;31(5):635-639.
  • Post DR, Stackhouse WA, Ostrowski JL, Bettleyon JD, & Payne EK. The effect of blood flow restriction on muscle hypertrophy and tendon thickness in healthy adults' distal lower-extremity: A critically appraised topic. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. 2022;31(5):635-639
  • Bigelow TB, Joyce ME, Santo AL. Unique contributions of the King-Devick and Vestibular/Ocular Motor Screening: A critically appraised topic. International Journal of Athletic Therapy & Training. 2022;27(5):209–213
  • Street SB, Kaminski TW. (2020). Does the FIFA 11+ program prevent hamstring injuries in college-aged male soccer players? A critically appraised topic. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. 2020;30(1):158-160.
  • Street S, Rawlins M, Miller J. Effectiveness of the TightRope® Fixation in treating ankle syndesmosis injuries: A critically appraised topic. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. 2021;30(1):158-160.
  • Bettleyon J, Kaminski TW. Does low-level laser therapy decrease muscle-damaging mediators after performance in soccer athletes versus sham laser treatment? A critically appraised topic. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. 2020;29(8):1210-1213.

Clinical Bottom Lines

  • Spellman J, Sweatman Z, Benedetti J, Khan N. What type of ice bag is most effective for lowering intramuscular temperature? NATA News, Clinical Bottom Line. July 2022: 34-35.
  • Wise S, Ostrowski JL. Utilization of paraffin bath for carpal tunnel syndrome. NATA News, Clinical Bottom Line. October 2021:32-33
  • Ramaj Jewett B. Clinical Bottom Line: Evaluating Spondylolysis. NATA News. July 2021:34-35.
  • Wise SL. The value of diagnostic tests in cervical radiculopathy. NATA News. May 2021: 34-35.
  • Wise SL. Jewett BR. Dry Needling and Plantar Fasciitis Pain. NATA News. January 2021. 32-33.
  • Cullen K, Ostrowski JLIs “Icing to Go” the Right Answer? NATA News, Clinical Bottom Line. October 2020: 30-31.
  • Wise SL. Clinical Imaging of Suspected Rotator Cuff Tears. NATA News. July 2020. 28-29.