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Art Student Learning Outcomes

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Art Student Learning Outcomes

Skills and Literacies

Art students will develop creative processes and demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of the elements of composition and design, visual literacy, as well as artistic concepts, principles, and theories.


Art students will acquire disciplinary knowledge in the studio and classroom as well as a thorough command of art vocabulary in order to synthesize information, engage with our increasingly visual world, work independently in their practice, and participate in collaborative art-making activities.


Art students will demonstrate an understanding of the diversity and complexity of subject matter, including the interdependence of form and content, and the richness and importance of the creative process for individuals in a global society. 


Critical Questioning

Art students will cultivate a visual curiosity in order to offer unique, expansive, non-literal solutions to essential questions by applying critical thinking, studio-production, idea synthesis, and visual analysis.


Create and Engage

Art students will generate new works and ideas that reflect a broad engagement with personal, cultural, national, and global identities, while integrating alternate, divergent, revisionist and/or contradictory perspectives.