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Benefits Eligibility

Employees of the University (faculty*, administrative staff** and support staff***) benefits eligibility is classified in the following manner:

  • Full-time – employees who work a minimum of 30 hours per week are eligible for all employee benefits; does not include temporary appointments
  • Part-time – employees who work less than 30 hours per week are eligible for certain time off benefits
    • Part-time employees who work at least 1000 annual hours are eligible for the Moravian University Retirement Plan
    • Part-time employees who work at least 16 hours a week are eligible for Class 3 group term life insurance
  • Temporary – employees hired on a casual or intermittent basis for a short duration to provide a limited service or for a specific function receive only those benefits mandated by law
  • Interns – employees hired into a temporary position usually not for more than 2 years in a role that provides for professional experience receive housing, a meal plan, access to a student health plan and limited tuition benefits
  • Graduate Assistants - A graduate student is employed to assist faculty or staff members with administrative functions within a University department who is not performing research or teaching responsibilities; receive an hourly rate and tuition for six (6) courses per academic year.

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Definition of Faculty*

Faculty are responsible for conducting the academic programs of an institution. The term "faculty" shall be limited to regular, full-time personnel at institutions whose regular assignments include instruction, research, and/or public service as a principal activity, and who hold academic rank as professor, associate professor, assistant professor or instructor at Moravian University.  Faculty are exempt employees.

Definition of Administrative Staff**

Most administrative staff members are considered exempt as defined by federal law. This means that compensation is paid for the responsibilities of each position and not for hours worked. Therefore, most administrative staff are not entitled to overtime.  However, some administrative positions are considered non-exempt and eligible for overtime payment when weekly hours exceed forty (40).  These positions are non-exempt because they do not meet exemption requirements as established by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Definition of Support Staff***

An employee is classified as support staff if he or she is a member of the custodial, grounds, or trades staff in Facilities Management, Planning, and Construction (referred to as FMPC in this publication), a police or security officer or dispatcher in Campus Police or a member of the secretarial/clerical staff of the institution. Support staff members are non-exempt as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act and are eligible for payment of hours worked and for overtime hours when weekly work hours exceed forty (40). Members of the support staff of Moravian University are considered to be an essential part of the community who provide it with services that add significant value and make Moravian not only a fine educational institution, but also a good place to work.