Tuition & Aid

Upcoming Deadlines

  • Friday, May 24: Moravian University E-Bill for fall tuition bill sent via email
  • Monday, June 3: Submit any outstanding financial aid requirements listed as "not received," "not signed," or "incomplete" on your AMOS Financial Aid Portal.
  • Wednesday, July 24: Fall tuition payment due

Office of Student Accounts

Colonial Hall, First Floor
Phone: 610.625.7142
Fax: 610.625.7790

Student tuition invoices are electronically billed directly to each student’s Moravian University email. Tuition invoicing is 100 percent paperless and is available to view anytime via the student's AMOS Student Accounts portal. For parents to receive e-bill notifications or pay invoices electronically on their student's behalf, the student must authorize a Payer in the "My account" section of the Student Accounts portal.

The Office of Student Accounts manages AMOS access to class schedules after invoices are paid and handles requests for refunds, payment options, online account inquiries, and student health insurance coverage.


In order for our staff to communicate (in person, phone, email, etc.) with a parent regarding any specific financial information about their student, Moravian University must have a FERPA Form on file. For more information about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), please see the information provided by the Registrar's Office.

Payments on Student Accounts

Payments can be made in any of the following ways:

  • Online
    • Credit cards and electronic checks are accepted online.
    • Credit card payments will be assessed a 2.95% service charge for domestic card payments, 4.25% service charge for international card payments, and a minimum service charge of $3 for card transactions over $20 and less than $106.
    • Payments made by ACH (also known as e-check or bank draft) are not assessed a service charge.
  • In person
    • Office of the Cashier, Colonial Hall, Room 108
    • Cash, money orders and checks accepted
  • By mail
    • Send to Moravian University, Office of the Cashier, 1200 Main St., Bethlehem, PA 18018
    • Checks or money orders accepted
    • Checks payable to Moravian University

Payment Plans

Moravian University offers payment plans to help make paying for college easier and more affordable. All payment plan activity occurs in the Student Accounts Portal via AMOS. Select the available plan you wish to sign up for in the Student Accounts Portal in AMOS. There is an enrollment fee of $35.00 per semester, but no interest is charged.

E-Refunds vs. Paper Check Refunds

Moravian University students have the option to enroll in E-Refunds so a credit balance from any source, financial aid or other credit, can be delivered to the student via direct deposit to a bank account of their choosing. E-Refund enrollment occurs in the Student Accounts portal via AMOS. E-Refunds allow fast delivery of funds to a student and are more secure than a paper check mailed to a home address. Students not enrolled in E-Refunds would receive their credit balance via paper check delivered to the student’s campus mail box or home address on file. 

Parent PLUS Refunds can only be processed via a paper check to the parent borrower unless the PLUS application specifies that the credit balance can be given to the student.

Financial Aid Services

Financial Aid Services Website
Colonial Hall, First Floor
Phone: 610.861.1330
Fax: 610.861.1346

AMOS: Your Interactive Financial Aid Experience!

Familiarize yourself with your AMOS Financial Aid Portal: Log into AMOS and then select the “Financial Aid” button on the home page to access the portal. Here, you can check your current financial aid status, view important messages, and check your requirements; among other options.

Submit any outstanding requirements needed to finalize or activate your financial aid: Not sure what items we need from you? Your AMOS Financial Aid Portal to the rescue!  Select “Documents and Messages” from the menu to view all requirements. Anything listed as "not received," "not signed," or "incomplete" requires your action no later than June 3!

Borrowing a Federal Direct Loan?: Students who were awarded a Federal Direct Loan and plan to borrow the loan funds must complete loan entrance counseling and a Master Promissory Note via Both requirements must be satisfied to receive your loan funds.

If you are not interested in borrowing a Federal Direct Loan, please complete and submit a Loan Adjustment Form to Financial Aid Services in order to formally decline the loan.

E-Safety First!

For security of your personal information, do NOT email confidential data or any documents containing personally identifiable information. You can submit items via:

  • XMedius SendSecure (our secure file upload portal) or your AMOS Financial Aid Portal (using the "Documents and Messages" screen)
  • Fax (610-861-1346)
  • U.S. Mail: Moravian University Office of Financial Aid Services, 1200 Main Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018.

Financing options for you!

Outside Scholarships & Grants:  We strongly encourage you to seek outside scholarship and grant opportunities. Reach out to your high school guidance office, your clubs and organizations, and your (and parent’s) employers to see if there are gift aid opportunities you can apply for within your community. 
Check out the free scholarship search engines.

Monthly Payment Plan:  Moravian University offers convenient, flexible payment options for students and their parents, including interest-free installment plans. Learn more above under the Student Accounts section.

Supplemental Student Loans: There are two main student loan options that you and your family may want to consider if you are in need of additional funds to help you cover your semester e-bill balance remaining after all other aid has been applied (and any indirect costs you have).

  • Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan:  A loan program for parents (biological, adoptive, or step-parents) of dependent undergraduate students, offering simplified credit requirements, a fixed interest rate, in-school deferment, and flexible repayment terms.  The U.S. Department of Education is the lender. Approved applicants may request to borrow any amount up to a school’s total cost of attendance less any other awarded financial aid.  Parents with adverse credit may be approved with an eligible “endorser” to cosign on their loan. Students whose parents are denied may be awarded an additional amount of Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan. Learn more about the Parent PLUS Loan.
  • Private Alternative Education Loans:  Private loans are offered by banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions to assist students (with a creditworthy cosigner) who need additional educational financing. Typically, the student is the primary borrower; although some lenders provide a parent borrowing option. Interest rates are based on the credit strength of the borrower/cosigner and vary from lender to lender.

Moravian University maintains a preferred lender list; meaning we research lenders and their loan products, with the goal of providing you with objective information to make the best informed financing decisions.  You have the right to choose any lender or educational loan, regardless of whether it appears on our list. Learn more about private borrowing or view our lender list.

Remember, college is an investment: There is no greater investment you can make in your future than the investment you make in your education!

Seek Student Employment Opportunities!

Moravian’s Student Employment Program provides all students, regardless of federal work-study eligibility, with the opportunity to work a part-time job on campus. Students participating in Student Employment get paid biweekly for their services, and earnings from work can be used toward any educational or personal expenses. Participation is completely optional, although it is strongly encouraged; as students develop skills that they can directly apply toward their future endeavors. There are a wide variety of jobs on campus, including some involving serving the community. Interested students can locate all available positions and application instructions on AMOS by selecting the “College Students” tab, followed by “Student Employment Job Postings” on the left. 

Please be aware that:

  • Employment is not guaranteed. Students who are flexible and persistent usually find work.
  • To apply for a position, students must satisfy the supervisor’s application and interview process, as well as complete the Financial Aid and Payroll authorization requirements.
  • Once students begin working, they are paid bi-weekly and funds are directly deposited into their bank account. These funds do NOT get automatically applied toward your semester e-bill.

SAVE THE DATE: The Student Employment Fair will be on Wednesday, September 6th! More details to come from the Office of Financial Aid Services and the Center for Career & Civic Engagement.

Financial Aid FAQs

How will I receive my financial aid?

Financial aid is typically credited to your student account in two equal disbursements: half in the fall and half in the spring. Once direct charges (e.g., tuition, fees, room, board),have been paid with your aid, any additional monies left over can be either (1) used to purchase your textbooks and educational supplies with a Book Voucher at the Moravian Book Shop* and/or (2) be refunded. Remember, federal work-study funds are an exception to this rule. Students must work to earn their work-study funds and are paid twice a month for what was earned during the pay period.

May I use my financial aid to purchase books?

Yes. Students who have completed all requirements for financial aid prior to the start of each semester and have potential credit on their student account are provided with flexible financing with a Book Voucher in the Moravian University Book Shop. Contact Financial Aid Services or the Office of Student Accounts for more information.

Must I maintain a certain GPA to be eligible for my financial aid?

Yes. Renewal requirements for merit scholarships are detailed in the Financial Aid Handbook. Students must maintain full-time enrollment status and achieve Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for most forms of financial aid.

Will my financial aid be the same each year?

Eligibility for Moravian University need-based aid is reviewed each year. Federal, state, and institutional grants are subject to change each year as well. Learn more about the process of reapplying for Financial Aid.