Class Planning Survey

All new first-year students will be asked to complete an online survey about their academic interests.  Through the survey, they will select First-Year Writing Seminar (FYWS) courses that interest them and provide information about past writing and language study. Advisors will use this information to build initial fall schedules.

The survey will launch on May 4, and students will need to complete and submit the survey by June 9. Students who deposit later in the summer will be asked to complete the survey as soon as possible to facilitate course placement.

Moravian 101: Navigating Academics and Class Planning

Beginning in mid-June, incoming students will begin learning more about the academic opportunities and demands of Moravian, engage with other students and their academic advisor, and become part of the Moravian community. 

This online course experience will include information on billing and financial aid, the student and advisor relationship, major and degree planning, academic resources, and how to have a successful transition to college—including specific Moravian resources and offices that offer support. This program will be hosted in Canvas, Moravian's learning management system for coursework, but students will be able to complete the content at their own pace.

Student Success

Moravian is deeply committed to the success of each of our students, and our Student Success office includes academic advising and support operations, accessibility services, and military and veteran affairs. Staff will be available across the summer to answer questions, connect new students to the right people, and support a smooth landing for all members of the Class of 2026.  Student Success, as an academic unit, works closely with other offices for all Moravian students to support their success in classes, degree progress, degree completion, post-graduate planning, and college journey.

Frequently Asked Questions about Class Schedules

When will I get my course schedule? 

Student schedules for Fall 2022 will be designed as soon as possible after completion of the pre-registration survey and will become available to students after Moravian 101 begins.

Once initial schedules are created, students can review them online through AMOS. If the tuition invoice is not paid in full by the due date, the Office of Student Accounts may place a hold on an AMOS account, and students will not be able to view or change schedules.

Students can work with their academic advisor through Moravian 101 to make adjustments to the fall classes.

Am I able to make schedule changes? 

Students interested in making changes to their course enrollments should work with their academic advisor through Moravian 101. They may also be able to make adjustments during the drop/add period, which is the first seven days of classes in after the start of a semester.

Who can talk to my advisor about my classes, schedule, and placement? 

College students and their educational records—from classes and grades to bills—are protected by US Federal Law known as FERPA (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). Students may waive these rights and give parents, family members, or funders access to information, but Moravian requires a signed and completed FERPA Waiver be submitted to the Registrar's Office by the student using their Moravian email address. Questions about waiving FERPA or completing the form should be directed to the Registrar's Office.

Without that waiver form, only you, as the student, can speak to your advisor or a staff member about your enrollment.

How do I know if my previous coursework will be credited by Moravian? 

The class planning survey collects data on previous college-level study that may result in credit toward a Moravian degree. The best way to make sure Moravian can assess this credit is to include information on AP, IB, Dual-Enrollment, Military Service, or any other forms of possible credit.  Official transcript and score reports will be needed to approve any credit from previous coursework.  Remember to mention that you may have credits to your academic advisor.

Save the Date

Wednesday, May 5:
Class Planning Survey opens in AMOS.

Thursday, June 9:
Class Planning Survey is due.

Tuesday, June 14:
Moravian 101: Navigating Academics and Class Planning launches in Canvas for students.


Office Information

Office of the Provost
Monocacy Hall, Second Floor
Phone: 610.861.1348

Office of the Registrar
Monocacy Hall, Third Floor
Phone: 610.861.1350
Fax: 610.625.7871

Student Success