Information for Commuters

Upcoming Deadlines

  • Friday, August 23: Hound Check-In
  • Before Arrival: Register vehicle and receive parking permit from Campus Police

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The needs of commuter students often differ from those of resident students. Commuters may be looking for the best parking space, finding a spot to relax between classes, and deciding whether to eat on campus or at home. We are here to assist with the transition, as well as provide ways to connect with other students and services on campus.

The Office of Student Life is a great resource and can provide more information on connecting with other commuting students and Commuter Student Association meetings. Learn more about commuting student resources and opportunities.

When to Arrive

Commuters should arrive on Friday, August 23, between 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. for Commuter Student Hound Check-In. From there, commuter students and resident students come together to participate in New Student Orientation from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening.

Meal Plan Options 

Dining Services offer meal plans designed especially for commuter students, but commuter students are welcome to consider any of the meal plan options. Learn more and select a meal plan.

Register Your Vehicle

First-year students commuting to campus must register their vehicles with Campus Police. Before arriving to campus, complete the vehicle registration process by clicking on "Parking Permit Registration" on the Campus Police website and receive a parking permit.

Registration is valid for a full academic year. Any change of vehicle or vehicle registration must be reported to Campus Police. Any vehicle parked on campus or within a half-mile of campus without a parking permit will be ticketed.