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Information Technology

Laptops and Tablets

Each incoming Moravian University student receives a MacBook Pro laptop and iPad as part of enrollment. Information Technology (IT) staff will assist with the setup of MacBook Pro and iPad devices. First-Year Writing Seminar faculty advisors will also integrate training into their courses.

Network Connections

Residence hall rooms have both hard-wired and wireless network connections to access the Internet and the University’s web portal, AMOS (Access Moravian Online Services).

Computer Labs

Windows and Macintosh computer labs are available on the Main Street (North) Campus and Hurd (South) Campus, day or night.

Frequently Asked Questions about IT

What software is included on my MacBook?

There is a pre-installed app on your MacBook called “Self Service,” which is a portal for downloading software and accessing campus resources. We feature software options for students to download such as Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, version 2016), Adobe Creative Cloud, SPSS, and signature Apple software (Pages, Keynote, Numbers, GarageBand, iMovie).

What accounts will I receive as a Moravian University student?

All students receive a Moravian University NetID account that gives you access to Gmail, AMOS (Moravian’s student portal), and Canvas, our online Learning Management System (LMS). Through the campus network, you will have access to the Internet, black-and-white and color printing, and library- and course-related software.

Am I permitted to use my MacBook and iPad in class?

Most faculty encourage this, but it is up to the individual instructor.

Do I need to insure my computer?

MacBooks and iPads come with the AppleCare+ warranty that covers hardware and software. Accidental damage such as liquid spills and broken screens is not covered by AppleCare. Many homeowner’s insurance policies will cover a computer for use at school, so check with your insurance carrier for specifics. Consider an extended warranty, since many warranties expire at different terms.

Where can I get my computer repaired or serviced during the semester?

Students should bring their MacBook or iPad to the IT Help Desk. IT Help Desk technicians can help triage and troubleshoot technical issues with the Apple devices, but all physical repairs will be done through Apple.

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MacBooks and iPads distributed

By early June:
Utilize your Moravian University email and Google calendar for university related work and activities

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Information Technology
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