Families of New Students

Upcoming Deadlines

  • Friday, August 23, 2pm: First-Year Matriculation Ceremony
  • Saturday, September 14Family Day

Office Information

Office of the Provost Website
Monocacy Hall, Second Floor
Phone: 610.861.1348

The Family's Role in New Student Orientation

Families are encouraged to support new students during the transition to college. New students and their families are encouraged to attend the First-Year Matriculation Ceremony, the academic welcome for new students and formal farewell for families, which will be held in person on Friday, August 25 at 2pm at the Central Moravian Church.

The Family's Role Once the Semester Begins

Ask your student how they are doing with the academic work and in the adjustment to college life. There are many benefits of families maintaining open communication with their student. The University sends grades to the student because federal law, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), limits the ability of faculty and staff to discuss these matters with families. This law sets privacy standards for educational records and limits access to information.

Professors send warning notices at mid-term, around Fall Break and Spring Break, to students performing at an “unsatisfactory” or “failing” level. During this first semester, especially, ask your student how they are doing and whether any warnings were received.

If you know or suspect your student is struggling, first talk to the student about it. Try to get a sense of the situation while at the same time conveying a message of support. Urge your student to use campus resources for assistance, including speaking with the student’s academic advisor.

Families are also welcome to contact the Office of the Provost or Student Life with concerns regarding their student. Consider telling the student you called, or provide the University with permission to do so. This will enable the appropriate administrator to address concerns in a more straightforward and effective manner.