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Where are our Alumni?

Nathan Nocchi (2017)

Master of Divinity and a  Pre-Ph.D. track at Liberty University, full scholarship plus stipend for Teaching Assistantship.

Zohal Khan (2015)

Law School, George Washington University. 

Connor Stone (2015)

Masters in Biobehavior Health at Penn State University.  Recipient of the Ford Doctoral Student Professional Development Endowment Award and the University Graduate Fellowship Award. He is currently interning at the New Jersey Conservation Foundation.

Kasey Smith (2015)

Masters in Environmental Policy Design, Lehigh University, full scholarship plus stipend for Teaching Assistantship.

Austin Rock (2014)

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank

Kristian Cantens (2013)

Ph. D. Philosophy Program at Texas A & M, full scholarship plus stipend for Teaching Assistantship.

Masters in Philosophy (Environmental Ethics Track) at University of Montana, full scholarship plus stipend for Teaching Assistantship.

Armando Chapelliquen (2012)

Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development (ANHD)
Title: Campaign Coordinator for Equitable Economic Development

Also, if you like podcasts, I was just a guest on Fourth Arts Block's artWork podcast, talking about my work protecting small businesses in NYC

Armando is a Project Coordinator with New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) at Hunter College in New York City.

Joel Atkinson (2012)

Masters in History, Villanova University, full scholarship plus stipend for Teaching Assistantship.

Ruby Johnson (2011) 

P.h. D. History Program in the Graduate School at Villanova University, full scholarship plus stipend for Teaching Assistantship.

Maggie Riegel (2010)
Masters in Political Science,  Lehigh University Graduate School.

Meredith Kluk (2010)
Graduate Program in Gender/Cultural Studies at Simmons College (Boston)

Alison Dobrowski (2010)
Criminal Justice Graduate Program at DeSales University.

Jose Medina (2009)

Law School at the  University of Akron.

Currently has his own Law Firm practicing Family Law in Bethlehem. 

Joel Atkinson (2009)
Masters of Arts Program in History at Villanova University

Veronica M. Williams (2008)
Currently attends Villanova University School of Law. 

Elric M. Kline (2001)
Currently a Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science, Rutgers University.

Steve Beck (2000)
Music Sales Associate, Dave Phillips Music and Sound

Michael Susek (2000)
Elections Administrator for the City and County of Broomfield, Colorado.

Kerry Scott Freidl (1985)
Active attorney with a private law practice in Easton, as a well as a Deputy County Solicitorship in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.

Douglas Anderson, Ph.D. (1980)
Philosophy Professor, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Jonathan Marks, Ph.D. (1965)
Harvard University Law School, 1968
Criminal Defense Attorney in New York, NY