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Exhibition Program

Payne Gallery Exhibition Program, artist Mavis Smith painting during workshop

Exhibition Program

The exhibition program of Payne Gallery is an integral part of Moravian University and its academic mission. The full program rotates on a four-year cycle, in concert with the undergraduates course of study leading to the Bachelor of Arts Degree. 

The Program is student-centered and consists of a core set of exhibitions that supports the studio and art history offerings of the Art Department. Collateral exhibitions reach out to other departments in the college, to our alums and to other cultural and academic institutions. 

Because the audiences for Payne Gallery are multiple, exhibitions are aimed at benefiting the local and regional communities, no less than the worlds of scholarship and connoisseurship.

The mandate of the gallery, given it by its benefactor, Priscilla Payne Hurd, is that "at least one exhibition of prominence, on a national or international level, be displayed yearly."