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Payne Gallery Exhibition Calendar, senior presentation

Exhibition Calendar 2019-2020

Wole Lagunju: Contemporary African Meets Traditional 

Curator, Martha Kearns

29 August - 19 October 2019

This exhibition will present paintings of Yoruba Nigerian artist Lagunju, recipient of many international awards. His painting style shows Yoruba masks in a lively colourist structure and forges new imagery for the 21st Century.  With the paintings will be traditional works of art from the Karl Stirner Family Collection, exhibited publicly for the first time.  

Light from the End of the Earth

Curator, Susan Morelock

31 October 2019 - 11 January 2020      PLEASE SEE WINTER BREAK HOURS ON HOMEPAGE

In an era where political potency is located in the most minute details of our lives, to risk disengagement with politics might read as immoral. Yet, it is equally unconscionable to postpone involvement with beauty, with nature, and with wonder in favor of the more acrimonious and timely. Through a range of materials and approaches, the works in this exhibition take on the prudent task of asserting the contemporary significance of aesthetics, nature, and the sublime. Here, the provocation of matters decidedly apolitical at once asserts a profound presence and explores possibilities for that which has yet to be seen. By celebrating and honoring beauty and natural phenomena, the exhibition is, arguably, a form of resistance in and of itself.

Robin Tewes - Inside out

23 January - 22 February 2020

Inside Out, reflects not only the artist’s expression of her inner thoughts and feelings but also her fascination with the interconnection of interior and exterior spaces. Her rooms feature windows, and mirrors and pictures on walls with views to the outside world. Her paintings of the outdoors create a complex feeling of comfortable containment, that rooms can inspire. The paintings in her movie theatre series feature rows and rows of empty seats facing images of indoor or outdoor life on the big screen. The theater’s lack of an audience creates in the viewer a sense of being the only audience member inspiring an intimacy that may suggest to the viewer that he or she may actually be a participant in the narrative. The People Disrobing Underwater and the Men in Trouble series depict mostly men outside, in water, struggling with themselves and each other. They are in vulnerable and compromising positions that speaks about the fragility of being human and the struggles faced in these challenging and changing times, when to be fully human means to accept one’s fragility and the need to be vulnerable and honest in order to connect, accept change, and share power.

Biennial Moravian College Faculty Show

12 March - 12 April 2020

The Biennial Moravian College Faculty Show features work from Moravian College’s Art Department. This exhibit explores a wide range of work ranging from traditional methods to cutting-edge digital technologies. 

Senior Thesis Exhibition

23 April - 9 May 2020

The Moravian College Senior Thesis Exhibition is always one of the highlights of our annual exhibition program. Reflecting an eclectic mix of disciplines offered at Moravian College, the exhibition represents four years of hard and productive work.

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