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Moravian College

Winter 2019 COURSES

The following courses are offered during the Winter 2019 semester.  Please view the Moravian College Course Catalog for a complete listing of the Philosophy Department course offerings.

Winter 2019 Schedule

Course Code Title Instructor Begin Date End Date LinC
PHIL 120 OL Introduction to Philosophy Niemoczynski 1/2/2019 1/19/2019 M3
PHIL 230 OL Advanced Topics: Ethics of Abortion Cantens 1/2/2019 1/19/2019 U2
PHIL 234 2 OL Aristotle on Friendship Cantens 1/2/2019 1/19/2019  

100-Level Courses

PHIL 120 OL: Introduction to Philosophy

Tasks and the subject matters of philosophy, including the major theories of reality, knowledge, religion, morality and social justice.  Attention to several classic philosophical texts as primary source readings. (M3) Semester, Cantens, Naraghi, Staff. 

200-Level Courses

PHIL 230 OL: Advanced Topics: Ethics of Abortion

This course analyzes the moral issue of abortion and the most prominent contemporary philosophical arguments through primary philosophical texts. (U2) Cantens.

PHIL 234 2 OL: Aristotle on Friendship

This course studies Aristotle's conception of the nature of friendship as described in Books VIII and IX of the Nicomachean Ethics. Winter, Cantens.