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Moravian College
Title IX

Reporting options 

The College is committed to stopping, preventing, and remedying the affects of sexual violence, and we strongly encourage all members of our campus community to report incidents of gender discrimination and sexual misconduct.

Reports, including anonymous reports, may be submitted online at anytime using the blue button to the right.  Reports go directly to the Title IX Coordinator.

Emergency situations should be reported to: 

Moravian College Police Department
(610) 861-1421 
or Bethlehem police by calling 911

General Title IX concerns or inquiries to:

Leah M. Naso
Title IX Coordinator and Compliance Officer
210 Colonial Hall

Concerns specific to gender and equity in athletics to:

Renee Hellert
Athletic Director and Deputy Title IX Coordinator
109 Johnston Hall

Concerns regarding the application of Title IX Law to:

U.S. Department of Education
Office of Civil Rights
100 Penn Square East, Suite 515
Philadelphia, PA 19107-3323

Reporting options are described in detail in the Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Responsible Employees

Moravian College designates all members of the faculty and staff as responsible employees under Title IX.  This designation requires our employees to report any disclosure of gender discrimination or sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator. As per the institutional Protection of Minors policy, incidents of sexual abuse involving minors must also be disclosed to PA ChildLine immediately. Designated faculty and staff members have additional reporting obligations through Title VII and the Clery Act/Violence Against Women Act. Employees may be subject to disciplinary action for failure to report. The responsibility to report does not apply to employees who have personally experienced sexual violence or discrimination.