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Early Action

We know the college application process can be stressful. If you’re confident that Moravian University is where you belong and you want to wrap up your college search early in the fall, then applying Early Action is the best option for you!

Applications received between August 1 and November 15 will have an admission decision and merit scholarship offer within two weeks once applications start being reviewed in early October. So you can relax and enjoy the holiday season and the rest of high school knowing that you’ve found your home for the next four years. 

What is Early Action?

Moravian University has Early Action which is different from Early Decision. If you are accepted to Moravian through Early Action, you are not required to attend (though we would certainly like you to!) Early Decision is, generally, an application process that requires you to withdraw all other applications and commit if accepted. Early Action is designed to give you an answer quickly about your application and provide you with information upfront during your college search, without feeling the added pressure of making a commitment without having all of your questions answered.

Benefits of Applying Early Action

Wondering if you should apply Early Action? Here’s why we think you should! 

  • You have an admission decision earlier, so you can enjoy your senior year.
  • Moravian is your top-choice school and you want us to know (we’re happy to hear that!) 
  • Receive a guaranteed minimum merit scholarship of $27,000/yr.
  • Get your Apple Tech early (along with exclusive merch at our Accepted Students Days).*
  • You save on application fees—it’s free to apply to Moravian.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

All students are automatically considered for a scholarship upon review of their application for admission, regardless of Early Action or Regular Decision status. 

If you wish to be considered for need-based aid, file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and include Moravian University’s school code (003301) when the FAFSA application becomes available in December. 

*Please note that in order to allow for shipments to be placed ahead of time, you will need to submit your enrollment deposit by December 15, 2023, if you would like to participate in early tech shipment. You can also pick up your Apple Technology at or following one of our accepted students days!