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Kappa Pi

kappa pie

Kappa Pi

Kappa Pi recognizes art majors who have attained a high level of artistic and academic achievement.

Kappa Pi was founded in 1911 at the University of Kentucky. In the intervening 87 years, 167 chapters have been installed in colleges and universities in many parts of the United States and abroad. There are eight classes of membership in Kappa Pi. Initiates fill the category of active members. Sponsor and additional Faculty memberships involve the participation of faculty in Kappa Pi. Alumni members are former active members, or those selected to alumni membership, who continue to participate in Kappa Pi after graduation. Associate members bring supporters of the arts into the fraternity. Honorary members of Kappa Pi are selected on the basis of outstanding achievement in some phase of art. Through Patron members and life members, those who make significant contributions to the arts or to the International Kappa Pi Scholarship Endowment are recognized.

Requirements for induction:

  1. First-degree candidates only
  2. Junior status
  3. Art major, double major, or individually designed major with art focus
  4. At least 6 art courses taken at Moravian University
  5. Overall GPA of 3.0
  6. GPA in the art major of 3.3

Kappa Pi inductions are held yearly.

Students who believe they meet these qualifications should email