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Studio South

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Studio South

Studio South is Moravian University's student-run in-house graphic design studio, providing design students an opportunity to work on real-world design projects for clients on campus. Students create a variety of design deliverables including invitations, flyers, honors posters, and more. Clients get great design work at reasonable prices while students acquire work samples for their portfolio, outsource printing knowledge, and great business experience.

Contact Info:

If you would like more information about how Studio South can help with design work for your events, projects, websites, social media, etc., email   A designer will contact you shortly!

Rate:studio south logo

$20/hr billed to client 

In-House Printing (in addition to rate above):

B/W $.10 per sheet

Color laser $1.00 per 81/2"x11" sheet; $5.00 per 11"x17" sheet (cardstock)

Large Format Printing:

12"x18" $10.00 per print

18"x24" $15.00 per print

24"x36" $30.00 per print

36"x48" $60.00 per print

For custom sized prints please contact Studio South at for a printing quote.