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QHDHP & HSA Information

HSAs are new to Moravian University’s healthcare offerings for the upcoming calendar year. And our QHDHP (Qualified High Deductible Health Plan) is your “key” to the HSA. Download the info flyer!

What is an HSA?

Simply put, it’s a savings account. Longer explanation: it’s a savings account that comes with your QHDHP—Moravian contributes money to it (½ of your annual deductible) and so can you. These contributions are tax-free, both when you put the money in and when you take it out (if you’re spending it on IRS-qualified medical expenses). Your money stays with you year-after-year, no matter where you go, and you can spend it anytime or save for the future. Save on healthcare by using a Health Savings Account (HSA).

Download the HSA info. flyer.


How does the QHDHP work? 

The Qualified High Deductible Health Plan covers the exact same services as our PPO plan, just with a higher deductible and lower premium. It’s important to note that PREVENTIVE CARE IS 100% COVERED!

With a QHDHP you can enroll in a Health Savings Account (HSA) and Moravian contributes to your HSA. For FREE!

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