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Bereavement/Funeral Leave

Paid Bereavement Leave will be granted to eligible employees with pay in the event of a death in the family. This paid leave is to allow the employee to make the necessary arrangements, attend the funeral, and care for some estate matters. Funeral leave is to be scheduled during the work days on or immediately following the date of death. The maximum number of hours granted are as follows:


Relationship to Employee

Maximum Paid (in hours)

Spouse/domestic partner, child or stepchild, parent or stepparent.

37.5 (staff/faculty)

40.0 (FMPC & Campus Police support staff)

Grandchild, son-in-law, or daughter-in-law, grandparent, brother or sister, spouse/ domestic partner’s parent, spouse/ domestic partner’s grandparent, spouse/ domestic partner’s brother or sister

22.5 (staff/faculty)

24.0 (FMPC & Campus Police support staff)

Any other blood relative or in-law of employee or spouse/ domestic partner*

7.5 (staff/faculty)

8.0 (FMPC & Campus Police support staff)

            *Limited to the actual day of the funeral


Employees who experience a pregnancy loss, or whose partner experiences a pregnancy loss (commonly called a “miscarriage”) are also eligible for five (5) days of bereavement leave.


Should the service take place more than 250 miles from Bethlehem, supervisory personnel, in consultation with the Office of Human Resources, may allow the use of additional paid time off to be used for travel time.

If an employee wishes to attend services for a person not included above, approval of a paid leave may be granted by supervision. Vacation or personal days can be used in both circumstances. Paid bereavement leave may require documentationCampus Police Officer/Security have different accrual rules that apply to bereavement/funeral leave.


Request for bereavement leave must be submitted in accordance with the payroll schedule via the online timekeeping system.


Losing a loved one is hard. View a guide to financial and practical matters to consider.