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Leave of Absence

Any benefits-eligible or part-time employee* who has completed at least one full year of employment with the institution may request a leave of absence from work for an extended period of time not to exceed six months. This leave of absence may be available to provide the flexibility needed to maintain the employment relationship with the institution while attending to personal matters. Approval is made by supervision in conjunction with the vice president for human resources. Whenever possible, the institution will make every attempt to accommodate the employee while meeting the needs of the office, department, or work area in which the employee works.

Before any unpaid absence begins, all earned vacation and personal days must be taken. Benefits are neither paid nor accumulated during an unpaid leave of absence. If an employee’s request for a leave of absence is granted, the institution will continue benefits coverage to the extent to which the employee has compensable time (vacation and personal time). Employees may also continue to be enrolled in the institutional health care programs for periods of leave that are unpaid to the extent the provider allows. During these unpaid periods the employee will be responsible for the premium payment. Payment arrangements would need to be coordinated with the Office of Human Resources.

If the matters to be addressed during the leave are covered by the Family Medical Leave Act, the institutional policy on family medical leave will apply.

*Not applicable to faculty