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Students in the HUB

Exchange Students and Visiting Scholars (Short Term J-Visa)

Applying for J-1 Status

Please note, these directions are meant to help you in completing your application but should not be considered legal advice. The US Department of State ultimately provides the decision on your visa application. You must be accurate and truthful in your application. Be aware that any information you withhold from your application, or inaccurate information you accidentally or intentionally include in your application, could result in a visa denial. This information also includes your social media presence.

1. The Center for Global Education must first receive your nomination to participate in study, research, or teaching at Moravian University from a partner.

2. Complete the application that you will receive in your nomination email.


Dr. Anize Appel, MBA '21
Executive Director, Center for Global Education
Associate Dean for Study Abroad
1140 Main Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018
Office: +1 610-625-7701
WhatsApp: +1 484-735-6816
Skype: Dr. Anize Appel
Fax: +1-610-625-7930