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The Value of a Moravian Education

At Moravian College, we believe that everyone is born with an innate love of learning. Our mission is to set it free.

Moravian’s combination of elements—strong academic majors, many opportunities for hands-on learning, and programs to foster the pursuit of passions that lead to a greater enjoyment of life—changes and empowers students in four years. Through everything we do, and all that we are, we provide a transformational experience for our students that allows them to walk prepared into the world after graduation.

In a survey of the Class of 2011, more than 91% felt their Moravian education fully prepared them for work and/or graduate school, which is supported by the fact that 90% of our graduates are either employed or attending graduate school within ten months of their graduation date. In the same survey, more than 90% cited full confidence in the leadership abilities and critical-thinking skills acquired during their four years at Moravian.

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