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Mo's Fund

Mo’s Fund has been established to provide one-time financial support to Moravian College students who are experiencing a financial hardship. Mo’s Fund is supported by the charitable donations of alumni and other supporters of Moravian College who specifically want to support students facing these unexpected financial challenges.

The application process to receive awards from Mo’s Fund is separate from the normal application process for financial aid. Special circumstances should also be submitted to Financial Aid Services for consideration of other financial aid funding.

General Provisions

To be eligible to receive an award from Mo’s Fund, applicants must be enrolled as a full-time (at least 3 units per semester) student at Moravian College and not have been the recipient of any disciplinary action within the previous 12 months.

Financial hardships are defined as events affecting the student’s ability to meet basic living expenses. Examples of events are (but not limited) to (1) a death in the immediate family; (2) unusual medical expenses not covered by insurance; (3) uninsured losses caused by fire, crime, flood, or other disasters; (4) unsupportable debt occurring for reasons outside of the family’s control.

The maximum award amount from Mo’s Fund is $1,500 per student each year and is subject to the availability of funds and the extent of financial need caused by the hardship.

To Apply

  1. Print and complete the Mo’s Fund Application
  2. Submit the application to Moravian College Financial Aid Services by mail at 1200 Main Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018, by fax to 610-861-1346, or by email to
  3. Suggested application deadlines:
            Fall Semester – October 1
            Spring Semester – March 1
  4. You will be contacted if any further documentation or explanation is required by the Mo’s Fund Selection Committee.