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Moravian College
Human Resources

Healthy Lifestyle Rewards Program


What is the Healthy Lifestyle Rewards Program?We believe that making healthy lifestyle choices can impact your health and well-being now and in the future by reducing the risk of major chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. Through this program, making these healthy choices can earn you points toward a reward.

Who can participate in the program? 
All benefits-eligible employees can participate in the program and are eligible to start earning rewards. This includes employees not enrolled in the Moravian College health plan.

How can I earn rewards?
Earn up to 15 points by participating in the following healthy lifestyle activities during the calendar year. Track your rewards on the Healthy Lifestyle Rewards Passport, and submit proof of each activity to the Office of Human Resources. Redeem your rewards points by submitting a Healthy Lifestyle Rewards Passport to the Human Resources Office at the end of the year. Approved activity will be tracked on the Healthy Lifestyle Rewards Passport.

Point Value

Healthy Lifestyle Reward Description

Proof Required


Run your credit report

Confirmation required  (actual credit report not needed)


Eight (8) Week Weight Management Program

 Must be based on BMI chart; cannot be personal log.

Tracking mechanism must be through an app (like My Fitness Pal).

8 week log


Complete six (6) fitness classes 

PAWS or external.

PAWS instructor signature or external receipt


Receive an age appropriate Wellness Screening as identified on Preventative  Schedule or as identified by PCP

Eg., Body mass index check, blood pressure check, glucose screening, cholesterol screening, etc.; limited to 2 rewards points.



Participation in PAWS event of choice

Signature of PAWS Committee Member


Attend a PAWS Lunch & Learn (limited to 2 rewards points)



Complete an annual physical exam, mammogram, or colonoscopy



Receive a routine dental exam

EOB* or receipt


Receive a routine eye exam

EOB* or receipt


Participate in a walking/ running program or event

Registration/Name on roster


Holistic Wellness Activity

(Ex. Acupuncture, chiropractor, colon cleanse, etc.)



Attend one (1) Moravian College Benefits Fair educational session

Signature of presenter


Participate in a Meditation Circle on campus

Signature of instructor

*Explanation of Benefits

Rewards - A stipend for the points achieved based on the schedule below!


 3 points


12 points


 6 points


15 points


9 points    

Linked below are forms and resources for the program.