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Moravian College

Corentin Bauchet '20 Finds SEcond Home in Pennsylvania

Corentin Bauchet ‘20 is an international student studying business with a concentration in organizational leadership. Originally from France, Bauchet sought out Moravian College for its quality in education, as well as the opportunities it provides international students. “Moravian is, in my opinion, a school that offers a strong education and possesses every characteristic I need to achieve my goals,” says Bauchet. His first choice school is bringing him one step closer to achieving those goals.

Bauchet decided to pursue an international education to set him apart from his peers at home.


But for as fruitful as it is, living and studying in another country has its challenges. “Being international means learning about others, but it also forces you to learn about yourself, your capacities, and your limits—and that’s invaluable,” he says. At first, Bauchet was slow to open up about himself, but the Moravian College atmosphere made meeting new people, making new friends, and creating new connections easy. He thrives with a unique sense of adversity.

“The most important challenge is to remember that we have to adapt ourselves to the culture and the people we now live with, and not the opposite,” he says. “Sometimes, it's hard to deal with the fact that we miss home and we started everything over, but I think being an international student is something I wish everyone could live through once.”

As he dedicates his time and efforts into studying organizational leadership, Bauchet hopes to return home with a promising future in business. Although things are looking better than ever for Bauchet, he misses his family—and his favorite wine and cheese!— dearly. “Whatever I miss, that doesn't make me sad, because I know that when I am back home, I will have a lot to say, and time is going incredibly fast.”

Corentin Bauchet is more than happy with how things are going at the College. He has experienced firsthand the opportunities Moravian College provides its students no matter where they may be from. “Moravian College is a school I would recommend to any student who plans to come overseas,” he says. “MC always finds the best solution and the best way to provide us with everything we could possibly need.”