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Alumni Award Recipients

Alumni Award Recipients

The Alumni Association Board of Directors recognizes alumni achievement and service to the institution. The awards presented are the Comenius Alumni Award, the Benigna Education Award, the Young Alumni Achievement Award, the Haupert Humanitarian Award, and the Medallion of Merit. Please read the following descriptions of each award and then click on the link below to submit a nomination.

The Comenius Award is given in recognition of outstanding achievement or service in an alumna's or alumnus' field of work. This is the Alumni Association's lifetime achievement award.

The Medallion of Merit is awarded to an alumna or alumnus in recognition of his or her outstanding service to Moravian University or the Alumni Association.

The Haupert Humanitarian Award honors an alumna or alumnus who has rendered outstanding service in the cause of human welfare. The recipient’s service to humanity should achieve standards "above and beyond" the expected duties and responsibilities of the recipient’s career. In addition, the recipient should have made a positive difference in the lives of others, in the community in which he/she lives or in the community at large.

The Benigna Education Award recognizes an alumna or alumnus for his or her outstanding contributions to the field of education. Administrators, college professors, elementary and secondary teachers, and all those in the teaching profession are eligible. To be considered, nominees should have made significant innovations in the teaching profession or otherwise substantially impacted the education process, and in addition have demonstrated dedication to the community at large.

The Emerging Leader Award is presented to an alumnus or alumna who graduated within the last 10 years, for his or her dedicated service and leadership to Moravian University.

The Young Alumni Achievement Award is presented to an alumna or alumnus who has achieved exceptional success in his or her profession and who has graduated within the past two to ten years.

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